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Now in a simple way one could say, the results of what I feel as an art. I've never studied art or photography and it is also not to meet my ambition to the rules of professional art, but I know what I like and I just want to give it an expression. I love to let the creativity flow and see what arises from it. That is exactly what drives me and I hope that this still long remains.

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If you like my work or maybe you would like to arrange a TFP Shooting, just let me know! ;)
I always look for interesting people.

My Motivation

If you think about the motivation to give money, time, love and lust in a project, so this is definitely in my case the thrill of creativity and contact with a lot of special folks. I spent a long time making music. In bands, as well as on the PC alone. Now that I have lost the motivation in making music and in cause of watching dances from my lovely wife, I just wanted to make photographs which freezing the beauty of her dance. As my equipment was more and more professional, and my knowledge was growing day by day, the creativity was back in my life. Today it gives me a lot of satisfaction to photograph interesting people without any commercial pressure, and afterwards, to finish the Pictures. The result is what I call art.